Trust, clarity and divine light within

In the past few weeks I wondered: what can I do to help?
On the one hand, these beautiful new energies are available to us, anchoring higher frequencies of light onto the earth. On the other hand, there is so much confusion and fear because of the Corona virus and the adjustments that come with it.

I do not want to talk to much about that, trusting that the ascension process and all people that align with it, know exactly what is going on from a higher perspective. As you also now that lightwork means containing and taking care of your divine light within. Nothing of meaning could be added by me, not in words anyway.

Crystal grid for trust, clarity & divine light within -

Anchoring healing energies

One night, I was sitting down with my dragon skulls, preparing for a meditation with two of my dragon sisters. We planned on a get together non-physically. As the energies got stronger, the full moon was rising and I felt Gaia so deeply within me, giving me clarity, trust and divine light.

Within minutes, I layed out this crystal grid, anchoring all the energies that I felt helped creating it. After the grid was layed out and was encoded with light, I meditated with it some more. I felt called to share it, spreading love and light for those that want to connect with that energy via the grid. It is here for us all!

Crystal grid for trust, clarity & divine light within -

I was so clear for me that I wanted to share that energy. I got more crystals out and felt the dragons swirling around me. I love them so dearly!
The dragons are here for us as gatekeepers and beings of light who support our connection with the higher realms. They help us transform and connect to the light grids in and around the earth. I wish you white, diamond light and the love of the dragons!

Share the light


This crystal grid is made for the highest good of all. I invite you to take in the energy of this grid and experience its healing effects. You can freely share the video and the photos of this grid to gift others more peace, trust, clarity and divine light. Pass it on to those around you!

Tips for anchoring the energies:

Go to your heart and activate the diamond light there.

– Make contact with Gaia and send this light to her.

– Activate the grids of light around the earth with your love and light.

– Connect as much as you can with these grids and experience the qualities of peace, trust and clarity.

If you are wondering what crystals I used, I can tell you that all the dragons are made of white jade. There is also some amethyst, quarts and rose quarts in this grid, crystals with a high vibration.

I invite you to connect to this crystal grid and tune into the light grids of Gaia via this energy. Feel free to share!

With love & light,

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