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Healing services I provide: My aim is to get you started, heal for a great deal and give you the tools to work on your spiritual growth and healing for the rest of your life.

I believe that every struggle that you go through has a purpose: to bring you more light and consciousness. Of course it takes healing, attuning, feeling into your feelings and transformations to get there.

What I can do for you is guide you through that process, where some parts you’ll be needing me to stand beside you and holding the energy field.  Other parts you’ll do yourself with practices, exercises, attunements and meditations that I will provide for you.

I currently have two services to offer, a dragon healing online course and personal skype sessions.

Dragon healing online course

Dragon healing online course ~ starting feb 2020

The dragons are coming back to earth and they are calling us lightworkers to reunite. Are you being called to remember who you truly are and work with the healing powers of dragons again?

Join me in an online adventure, full of wonderful lessons, attunements and private coaching to connect you firmly to the dragon realm. You’ll receive lessons every week for 4 weeks. Course data will be available for one year.

You will learn how to:

  • Align yourself with the many grids around the earth that hold dragon energy
  • Ground yourself into the light via your 5D chakra’s
  • Create sacred space to work in
  • Anchor all these energies into your heart space so that you are a pillar of light, visible to dragons
  • Work with the elements to connect to dragons
  • Use your voice to anchor dragon vibrations into your body
  • Start healing yourself and others with dragon energies

The price for this course is € 99. You can book in advance by using the below Paypal button.

Important! Please send me an email through my contact page afterwards, with your full name and email adress with wich you’d like to participate in the course.

Book your online course in advance – Click button for Paypal (€ 99)

Skype coaching and healing

I am offering skype sessions, 1 hour per session. In the first session we’ll talk about what you need and how to provide this for you.

In sessions we’ll do coaching and energy work for you to heal on every level possible. Here are some examples that you can work on:

  • Dissolve bonds and cords that no longer serve you.
  • Connecting back to your highest frequencies.
  • Activate your Earth- and Soulstar chakra or your Merkaba field
  • Understanding ascension symptoms and deal with it with love, light and abundance
  • Exploring 3D and 5 d reality to make conscious decisions on your life path
  • Childhood trauma and past life memory healing
  • Ancestrial healing and stepping back in a (family) line of support and power.
  • Connecting you to your Star family, guides and totem animals
  • Using your own voice for toning, healing and speaking your highest truth.
  • Working with crystals and dragons

Dragon attunement

I start with just one session to help you attune to dragon energy.
This means we talk about what you already know about dragons, questions you have and whatever comes up to be healed or what comes into your consciousness.
Then we do an attunement together, which will be recorded (your MP3).

If you find it difficult to connect to dragons and there are blocks, we can work on that further in other sessions. Or it could be you just want to learn more about dragon healing and lightwork, that also takes more sessions. So more is basically an option. You can have just one or more sessions, it is all up to you!
Everything is possible…

Via this multi-dimensional way of healing, your light will be coming back to you. You will  feel more aligned, more at peace, more anchored in your body. And you’ll feel safe in this world, secure and taken care of.

It all ads to being a whole person, using your unique gifts to rise up in any way you choose.

How to book your session

Please click the Paypal button to contribute (€ 129 per session) and then send me an email to set up a skype call meeting.

Book your lightwork appointment now – Click button for Paypal

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