Dragon sound healing

At this moment the dragons want to be heard. In these times of transition from 3D to 5D the dragons are very much awake and want to come in contact with us lightworkers! Dragons help us to embody our light on earth and to come in our full power, so that we can create heaven on earth.

One way to attune yourself to the dragon energy is to open up to them and let the dragon tones, their light language sound through your voice. You can do that once you have grounded yourself into your earth star chakra and when you have created sacred space.

With this sound healing the dragons are connecting us to the earth grid. They bring the energy from Sirius with the blue ray and connect it with the grid of Mother Earth and her element of water. It’s so important to heal Mother Earth with the power of the dragons. These powerful light beings are bringing an immense amount of Love to earth.

Listen to our dragon sounds

There is also an element of healing for the Divine Feminine here, in sounds that can be made, that are usually hidden. What if we would speak up? What if both men and woman would really use the power of voice via sound healing, toning, shamanic singing – however you would like to call it. Sound is power.

I feel called to share all I know about dragon healing with you. I have written a book about dragon power in Dutch that will appear juli 2019. For English speaking peeps I shall offer an online course including coaching via skype.

If you are interested, you can check my services.
The course will start september 9th.

~()~ How very exciting!

Sound connects and sound heals. That is why me and my dragon sisters Meike Klomp and Renske wanted to make this dragon sound healing for you. Please see if you would like to join us and add your voice to it. That way the healing continues.

With so much love,

And there is more…

Podcast  steve Nobels 'Attuning and healing with dragon energys'
Please click image to listen to the podcast ‘Attuning and healing with dragon energies’, hosted by Steve Nobel.

P.S. This blog, the green dragon picture and the sound healing was first featured on Steve Nobels website. He wanted to share it because he felt the power of the dragons and liked our toning. He has spoken to me before on this subject in a podcast on his YouTube channel steve Ahnael Nobel, called ‘Attuning and healing with dragon energys’.

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