Connect to your earth dragon

Calling dragon riders to connect to their dragon guide.

Are you ready to open your heart to receive healing, higher frequency light, messages and symbols from the dragons? Once you attune to the dragon energy and anchor it into the core of your being, you just might remember the dragon rider that you once were. Reestablisch the connection once again and continue doing the lightwork you came here to do, with your dragons.

The dragons are waiting for you to remember the light being that you are, capable of anything. They need you to work on the crystalline grid, for instance to open up the knowledge that is kept there in the form of light and symbols. They also need you to work on the lightworkers grid around the earth, waking up more souls to the 5D consciousness and the 5D grid around the earth.

It is time for you to stand up tall and show yourself in your highest light. This is one way to connect to dragons: be in your heart space and shine your light, asking the dragon to appear in its true being. Not smaller, not different from what the dragon really is, but in its true shape. The dragon asks the same of you. No masks, no shape shifting, just be the light being that you are. You can ask the dragon: ‘show me your real face’.

Connect to earth dragons ~ Lightseekers-Academy

If a dragon does not use the language you speak, then remember you always have access to the language of light and the use of symbols. Once beamed out from the heart, every message will be received.
Once connected to your earth star chakra, you are lifted to a 5th dimensional frequency. That means that time and space no longer exists and limits you, for one thing. You can travel into mother earth (Gaia) with her permission. Let her guide you were to go.

There are many layers of light inside the earth, many cities of light and many personal places for you to go for healing. Inside Gaia, you can also meet other beings of the highest light, like the earth dragons!

Once you come back to daily reality, know that you do not have to step out off to the connection you have just established in the attunement. It is the right time to combine all the frequencies together and be in several dimensions at the same time.

That is what 5D consciousness is all about:
Being in the now and being connected to the higher frequencies that open you up to your higher self and the dragon realms.
Everything is possible.

In this following guided meditation, you will connect to the energy of the earth dragons. We shall travel via our earth star chakra and be guided by Gaia to be in sacred space with our dragon.

With so much love,

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