A crystal dragon grid, creating a pillar of light

I created this crystal dragon grid for all of us. I was struggling a bit with some dark energies. They were trying to pull me down and fool me into their own schemes. Then a friend phoned me with the same story. Cliƫnts have been emailing me about this subject; feeling tired, down, insecure, etc.
Lets call it acension symptoms, for the time being.

crystal dragon grid 2

As I already had the plan to lay a grid, I felt that I wanted to dedicate it to us all, not just me and my family.

Grid for light beings

This grid is for the collective of the light beings that we are! As a reminder, a light portal and a great anchor to lift you up, if you need this. The theme is about light and dark: recognizing the dark were it fools us. And topping ourselves up with light, so that our frequencies remain high.

crystal dragon grid 1

I placed all my labradorite dragons in there! Not for protection from the outside world, but to remind us of our own power to stay connected to the light and step out of the (inner) darkness.

Next. there is citrine that connects us to our higher self and inner sun, even to the highest sun in the cosmos, if we choose so.

The 12 clear quartz skulls and 12 rosy quartz skulls connect us to our clairvoyance and higher heart. The upright quarts points create a beautiful pillar of light.

Please dive in!

This is also a gift for you. Dive in if you like, connect to it via the pictures and absorb the energy. I hope that helps!

As our light grows, so are the challenges (of the dark). It is just a rite of passage. I wish you all your light and power.

Lots of love,

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