Awaken and manifest your highest light on earth

Lightseekers Academy is here for you! I am Fanny van der Horst, lightworker, naturopathic- and energetic healer, and 3D to 5D-conciousness coach. I am here to help you:

  • Awaken and manifest your highest light on earth
  • Create 5D- consciousness
  • See into your akashic records
  • Open mind, body, heart and spirit for higher frequencies
  • Healing on all levels for the greatest good of all, starting with you.
  • Learn how to connect to dragons and their energy


By helping you and showing you how to:

  • Attune to the highest vibrational energy
  • Activate your light body
  • Remember the light being that you are
  • Heal yourself
  • Connect you to dragon energy and other angelic beings
  • Tone, sing and allowing pure bliss to enter your body
  • Anker your innate personal power and qualities
  • Find your beauty and magic
  • Teach you how to create Sacred Space and hold that

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Latest free attunement:

I have made a powerful dragon healing song to ground you into mother earth and connect you once again to the dragon energy. It is available on
the website of Steve Nobel. Do check out my own YouTube channel for more dragon songs or other meditations coming up in the future.

Click image to hear the dragon sound healing

Dragon sound healing lightseekers-academy
Fanny van der Horst
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