Awaken and manifest your highest light on earth

Lightseekers Academy is here for you! I am Fanny van der Horst, lightworker, naturopathic- and energetic healer, and 3D to 5D-conciousness coach. I am here to help you:

  • Awaken and manifest your highest light on earth
  • Create 5D- consciousness
  • See into your akashic records
  • Open mind, body, heart and spirit for higher frequencies
  • Healing on all levels for the greatest good of all, starting with you.
  • Learn how to connect to dragons and their energy


By helping you and showing you how to:

  • Attune to the highest vibrational energy
  • Activate your light body
  • Remember the light being that you are
  • Heal yourself
  • Connect you to dragon energy and other angelic beings
  • Tone, sing and allowing pure bliss to enter your body
  • Anker your innate personal power and qualities
  • Find your beauty and magic
  • Teach you how to create Sacred Space and hold that

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Fanny van der Horst
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